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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Our Meeting Time September 2018

Honey😊, September 3 will come in:





Love you πŸ’•.


Monday, May 7, 2018


Honestly, this post it's not important, because the introduction, like why I picked "Cotton Candy" is already explained, lol, thanks for my boyfriend who customized our blog. πŸ˜‰

Oh, why I said "our blog"? Because this blog was created by me and my boyfriend. This blog is the only one out of many romantic plans that I want to do with him. (ups, I still keep that a secret :p, and he doesn't know the rest of my plans)

So, same as this blog's name, I want to write about our daily foods, or maybe 90% of his foods, haha, because he has lots of menu variations, and is rich enough to eat in restaurants. Sometimes I am so envy with him -.-. I work at project construction so I have the same menu everyday, and I lost my appetite because of that. That's actually not good for me because i have gastritis. 

But when i was bored with that menu I had an idea to ask him for pictures of what he gets for lunch or dinner. In the beginning maybe that was difficult for him, because he never took a picture about his foods., haha

And thank God he did that for me, honestly i was so touched with that, and maybe now he got used to sending me his dish menus because nowdays he sends that although I didn't ask., kkkk

um, I want to inform you to that we are in Long Distance Relationship, so if you read more about our foods in this blog, you will able to see the difference. Because my boyfriend live in Japan and I am in Indonesia. And because that we have different religion, so he can't eat pork, and i can't eat beef (but sometimes yes, lol).

If you don't mind to continue reading this, I want to not only introduce this blog. but I also want introduce ourselves, but if you don't like, please skip., hehe

Me and my boyfriend have similar minds, tastes and behaviors, but also have a lot of differences, like religion, and skills.

OH.. his name is also unique and have different meanings,, I just realized that!
His name's meaning is sunrise and full moon, so different from each other, but I think it's a good name because he is hot and sexy like a sun, cool and humble like a moon, (PS: but its only for me :P).

Sorry because it's out of topic, but I want to keep that here, because that is a sudden thought, and I don't want to forget this, because it's too cute to forget.

Oh, I already write so many words in this post, and thanks for reading this post until the last word. :D

BUT,, that makes me wonder, who are you? And what kind of person can read this absurd post until finish., lol
At least, Thank You πŸ’—πŸ’—